Biehle Brothers

Decorative Painting

Nora Biehle continues a tradition of fine decorative painting begun by her ancestors, the Biehle Brothers.  In 1880, these master craftsmen immigrated to Ohio from the Alsace region bordering Germany and France.  American industrialists sought decorative artists to embellish their mansions, and the Biehle Brothers answered that call.  Nora combines this rich cultural legacy with her international experience and studies in fine and applied arts.  Fast forward to 21st century New York.

About Me

Helping clients, decorators, and architects realize their vision is one of my greatest pleasures.  It is an honor and delight to use my gifts and talents in creative collaboration.

I started my career in a circuitous way, by traveling throughout Italy, France, Holland, and Germany.  While there, I discovered an oasis for artists in Berlin, and decided to settle for a time.  The British Department of Environment hired me to paint scenery and signs for special events, and additionally, I taught drawing and painting to Allied expatriates.

At that time, the Berlin Wall divided West Berlin, which was democratic, from East Berlin and the rest of East Germany, which were communist.  The Wall was a symbol of the Cold War and a magnet for artists.  I could not resist this ready canvas.  Yes, I was there on that happy day when the Berlin Wall came down. 

While in Germany, I earned an Artisan Certificate for working in Trade Media Design for two years in addition to a Certificate in Graphic Design.  These bolstered the Certificate of Fine Arts I had already received from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and my initial studies at Philadelphia University of the Arts.

Returning to the USA in 1992, I settled into a productive career in Manhattan.  I am happily married to Wayne Walker, who sometimes pitches in on my projects.  He is a carpenter, so our skills complement one another nicely.

Today I specialize in art for architecture, murals, Venetian plaster, gilding, glazing, and finish restoration for commercial and residential spaces.  I also enjoy illustration as well as making prints and hand-crafted cards, and am a member of the International Decorative Artisans League.  Call or email me any time for an estimate.