Biehle Brothers

Decorative Painting

Nora Biehle continues a tradition of fine decorative painting begun by her ancestors, the Biehle Brothers.  In 1880, these master craftsmen immigrated to Ohio from the Alsace region bordering Germany and France.  American industrialists sought decorative artists to embellish their mansions, and the Biehle Brothers answered that call.  Nora combines this rich cultural legacy with her international experience and studies in fine and applied arts.  Fast forward to 21st century New York.

Faux Finishes
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Above are samples of Nora Biehle's finishes and surfaces.  Keep in mind, any color or texture is possible, with sample selections provided for your approval.

Venetian Plaster and Gilding are described in greater detail at left.  Some other techniques are Graining,  Ragging, Fresco, and Weaving. 

"Faux Bois," French for "False Wood," is also called Graining.  This can be painted on doors, windows, and mantles in order to camouflage inexpensive wood or cover an already painted surface.  Ragging is achieved by swirling crumpled or folded rag paper or plastic on wet paint.  To obtain the more rustic surface of fresco, paint is manipulated with a chamois skin.  Weaving can be accomplished by using steel wool to make a fine or textured appearance, such as silk or linen.