Biehle Brothers

Decorative Painting

Nora Biehle continues a tradition of fine decorative painting begun by her ancestors, the Biehle Brothers.  In 1880, these master craftsmen immigrated to Ohio from the Alsace region bordering Germany and France.  American industrialists sought decorative artists to embellish their mansions, and the Biehle Brothers answered that call.  Nora combines this rich cultural legacy with her international experience and studies in fine and applied arts.  Fast forward to 21st century New York.

Gilding and Glazing:
Ornamentation Restored to Life

With gilding, Nora Biehle begins by painting surfaces with grey, red, or yellow oxide Gesso as a base, followed by Size adhesive.  Then she delicately places sheets of gold or silver metal leaf on top.  Afterward, she gently rubs the surface, finishing with a coat of varnish.

For glazing, Nora cleans the object or surface, then carefully applies base color, followed by a glaze.  This adds dimensionality and depth to objects that once appeared dull.  Materials such as plaster relief appear to be made of metal or even stone.